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Girteka becomes the main sponsor of the Lithuanian National Paralympic Team


On 11th of January official agreement on support of the Lithuanian National Paralympic Team was signed by Girteka. The contract foresees financial support for the team till the Summer Paris Paralympic Games in 2024. Signing the contract is just the first step in Girteka and the Paralympic Committee joining forces in promoting sport, overcoming barriers, and familiarizing disability in society, as well as promoting Lithuania on a global scale.


“Training and competing in sports have a lot of advantages, not only from the physical perspective but also mental. Therefore we are focusing a lot on educating young disabled people to start doing sports. As today not so many are eager to do it, we are focusing on spreading and promoting sports inside communities of the disabled. With support from Girteka we will be able to spread the idea even further and convince young people of the benefits of sports. And who knows, maybe we will find future Paralympics gold medallists,” says Mindaugas Bilius, Paralympic Committee President.


Challenges and winning genome


Not all of us are equipped with certain skills and possibilities to be a successful athlete, yet many of us challenge ourselves, setting up ambitious goals in our professional life. The Lithuanian National Paralympic Team is one of the examples of how focus, dedication, persistency, and continuous strive for improvement can bring great results.


“At Girteka, we always had this winning genome that drove us to better results and more wins. But as we all know, sometimes external circumstances or situations can influence your business capabilities. Thus, we see the need of supporting each other. We support our National Paralympic Team with funds, they support us by showing how to overcome barriers, keep persistency in training, and challenge ourselves. And that is a win-win situation, with mutual benefits,” said Edvardas Liachovičius, CEO of Girteka Group.


Responsibilities to communities


Business needs to thrive in communities, otherwise it is solitary and not supporting the development of the society. The responsibilities to society from the business perspective are clear – what would be the other ideal to do business if not to upgrade our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren and so on. Becoming a responsible part of society, means engaging and supporting as well as taking an active role.


“We decided to support the Lithuanian National Paralympic Team as we see not only many common elements between athletes and Girteka’s colleagues, but as we also feel the responsibility to support communities, endorsing diversity, tolerance, and equality. We see that as part of our landscape, where we are an active participant of daily social life, responsibly taking care of areas which sometimes need additional support. One of those areas is the Paralympic Team. We are proud to support them in overcoming their boundaries and achieving great results in the upcoming Paralympic Games in 2024,” summarizes Liachovičius.


Origins of support


Girteka is an international company, however, its origins are in Vilnius, Lithuania. Hence, Girteka feels the responsibility to support its homeland organizations and initiatives.


“With support of the Paralympic Committee, we are proud to present Lithuania’s best athletes and the best characteristics of Lithuanian society. As a company, we are very open and friendly to all nations, we are also very ambitious and goal oriented, striving to cultivate diversity and equality. We see this as an opportunity to present Lithuania and its people to a wider audience. Although we are an international company, we have Lithuanian origins, and that is what we are proud of,” explains Liachovičius.


Cooperation between the Paralympic Committee and Girteka will continue to develop in the upcoming months. Both of our organizations share the same spirit of working hard as a team, reaching for our ambitious goals, and striving to win again and again, which is why supporting the Lithuanian National Paralympic Team is both a responsibility and a pleasure. As a Responsible Logistics company, Girteka is proud to support the Team in their journey to the Paralympic Games in 2024.