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Girteka improves the carriers’ business setup


All 27 years of Girteka’s history of constant growth and development has one goal – to deliver on customers’ and partners’ promises. Yet ’s main challenges of the market create a need for transformation, to adapt, increase the efficiency of services, and respond to customers’ requirements. From the 1st of April, new changes to the structure in spedition business will occur.


New business setup to be closer to our partner


From the 1st of April, part of the business services provided by Girteka Cargo UAB will be merged with new business entities, to adapt and quickly provide high-quality logistics services for customers and partners.


“A new organizational structure allows us to better serve our customers by offering more tailored solutions, faster decision-making, and more efficient problem-solving. Moreover, we aim to set up organizational structure closer to legal structure” – says the project lead Viktorija Molytė.


Currently, Girteka Cargo UAB handles most of the commitments to the carriers for the entire Girteka Group. However, viewing from the organizational structure point of view, Girteka Cargo colleagues were accountable in the businesses: Girteka Europe West, Girteka Nordic, and Everwest. Girteka Cargo UAB will continue its activities and will be handling our relationship with ferry service providers. All spedition processes and relationships with our external carriers will be handled directly by our business units from the 1st of April, 2023.


Changing Group structure to align with the needs


During the last few years, we transformed our organization to become a Group of companies. Girteka Logistics was split into three legally separate business units and a competence center effective November 2022:

    • Girteka Europe West UAB handles intra-European transportation (except Scandinavia);
    • Everwest UAB handles cross-border transportation between Europe and CIS/Asia, which will be carved out from the Group ;
    • Girteka Nordic UAB handles transportation from/to and within Scandinavia;
    • Girteka Competence Center UAB provides support services for all the Group companies.


The split allows the Group to better serve customers by offering more tailored solutions, faster decision-making, and more efficient problem-solving. With digital transformation, and expansions in the last year in Lithuania, Poland, and Georgia, the latest changes in the Group structure support direction of becoming one of the top 10 logistics companies in Europe.