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In Girteka people never say, ‘do somehow’, they say do it the right way


Girteka would not have achieved its results and its current market position without its team. Every colleague is valuable because their work benefits the company and advances its development. Whether they are managers, specialists, drivers, or maintenance personnel, all of them contribute to the successful growth of Girteka. Today’s article is about Petr Pabalavets, a shift foreman at the Poznan Transport Base. 

Petr Pabalavets is a Belarusian from Grodno. He has been working for Girteka since 2021 when the transport base in Poland was opened. As Petr points out, he has been there from the beginning, taking part in the selection of tools and the definition of work processes, together with his colleagues and managers.

I am a radio and design engineer by education. I have always been interested in technology, I was curious to know how a machine works, and how everything works in it. I started working in the automotive industry 20 years ago. Before moving to Poland, I worked as a service manager at BOSCH in Grodno,” explains Petr.

When Petr started looking for a job, he decided to work for a big, international company with possibilities to develop personally. “I wanted to fulfil myself: to have a unique job where I could apply my knowledge and experience. I already had experience in a German company where everything is “Fantastisch, praktisch, gut!” and all the business processes in these companies have been in place for decades. I have also worked in a South Korean company where there are clear instructions for every step and every operation. But I wanted something completely new,” says Petr.

Stunned at first sight

Petr’s first impression was surprise, especially at the style of personnel management and the involvement of managers. The position of a manager at Girteka is not nominal. Managers are always available to their colleagues. Petr’s manager is as involved as possible in the activities of the maintenance, is aware of all the issues and developments, and finds time to talk about both work and personal matters. The decisions made by the management are very clear, as well as the demands for the employees. “Girteka never says “do it somehow”, they say do it the right way. I like it very much; it is close to me, and I understand it,” he explains.

The second thing that surprised Petr was the technical state of the company’s fleet. New, modern vehicles in excellent condition. The third thing was how fast the company is growing and developing. “Girteka has a great future ahead of it. The company offers its employees opportunities for growth and development. I believe that development and professional growth will never end,” summarizes Petr. “Colleagues know that they can ask for advice not only on work issues but also on personal matters. We all have the same goal – to make Girteka the number-one choice for vehicles,” he adds.

Petr’s main job is to supervise the work of all the electricians on shift. In the morning, he analyses the previous day’s work and prepares a report. Then checks in Axapta how the work is planned for the day, how the work is progressing at each station. As modern trucks are more like a spaceship in their technical features: they are packed with sensors to make driving comfortable and safe, he often advises colleagues on how to fix a particular mechanism.

A place for development

Petr strives for continuous education, through reading a lot of technical literature, following innovations and developments on the Internet. Thanks to his job he can test and try out what he had learnt, for example, by checking safety systems on the company’s Volvo trucks in practise. “I have learnt flexibility, which allows me not to be distracted by conflict situations. I have learnt how to manage people, how to manage with emotional intelligence,” he says.

Furthermore, building a team of reliable colleagues, who are experts in their professions, allows to gain knowledge from each other, educate and help. Petr’s team is successful in fulfilling their work with immediate results, supporting overall development of the company and its services.

“When I walk in and see how many machines are parked on the base, I realize the scale of the business and the logistics. I do not just repair trucks, I work directly in transport logistics. We repair the trucks, and they go on trips and deliver goods to the shops: TVs, perfumes, food, and medicines. We work for the common good. The Girteka trucks we repair are part of the supply chain. They perform the important task of delivering essential goods for the common good of all people,” he explains.

In Girteka everyone counts, as everyone has influence on the company’s direction and development. And combining individual needs and skills with Girteka’s goal of being among the TOP 10 logistics companies in Europe, provides extra motivation and satisfaction for employees, despite the position and scope of one’s responsibilities.