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The 7 benefits of cooperation for small and medium shippers


The logistics business environment can be very competitive and harsh. But while competition is unavoidable, there are also endless opportunities to collaborate with other businesses, whether small, medium, or large. For many enterprises, the need to establish strong, mutually beneficial relationships with strategically chosen partners is essential. However, when it comes to logistics, there is a tendency where small or medium shippers oftentimes refrain from approaching large carriers. Perhaps it is due to the assumption that the services of the big industry players are somehow inaccessible or too costly for their wallets. The simple answer to that, is this: if you do not try it yourself, you will never know for sure.

For instance, Girteka has become the leading asset-based road freight company in Europe, boasting a fleet of over 9,200 trucks and 9,800 trailers, and specialising in full truck load (FTL) logistics across the continent. But the scale and image of the company, while considered as a strength, can also sometimes be its curse, as some small and medium shipping businesses might feel intimidated by the size of their potential business partner.

Just think of that new Tesla you have been considering buying. Or that latest version of the Apple iPhone. You may have the finances to purchase the item, but you have been putting off the decision because you are not sure if it is the right choice for you. What if the product is “out of my league”? What if it is too much of a splurge for me? What if I do not know how to operate it properly? The same train of thought applies to making business decisions. Especially when choosing a business partner.

The truth is that you do not have to be a big industry player to receive the same quality of services as any other shipper. What Girteka offers applies to all customers for exactly the same price, no matter their size. Long-term partnerships, which the company focuses on, ensure stability, improved performance, greater cost efficiency and mutual growth. As in any situation in life, all parties benefit from teamwork. So, what can a large carrier like Girteka bring to the table for its small and medium customers?

We work directly with you and for you

Girteka’s professional teams communicate and plan operations directly with the customer, without intermediaries, logistics platforms, or freight forwarders, ensuring that the client’s cargo is moved from manufacturers to consumers as smoothly and as quickly as possible. It also means that you do not need to pay twice as there are no administrative or brokerage fees applied.

Our dedicated personnel for daily communication include an operations manager for professional technical support and a key account manager. The dedicated account managers offer instant support, reliable information, and quick feedback to ensure that the customer’s cargo is transported without interruptions.

The 24/7 monitoring centre detects any deviations early and reacts immediately. This provides the customer with greater command and predictability of his supply chain, as well as a more reliable quality control for his cargo transportation.

“Customer care and support is fantastic; I get an answer to my questions within the hour which is important in the fast-paced e-commerce industry. I consider the Girteka team an extension of my department and they are a trusted logistic partner. Girteka has a night shift contact which is also useful. We value that the company is available to contact 24 hours 7 days a week,” says Matthew Clark, Road Transport Manager at Asendia UK.

We operate a fully owned fleet

Owning our fleet means that we are in total control of our capacity and able to fully cover our contractual loads even during the peak season (100% of predetermined lanes). The size of our fleet allows the company to provide the optimal truck and trailer selection according to our customer’s specifications, including standby trailers and express deliveries by two driver-trucks.

We are proud of our professional transport resource planning capabilities, ensuring high truck concentration in each region during the high season while offering a flexible loading schedule. In addition to transportation services, we offer a range of value-added services such as customs clearance and more. This allows us to provide a complete end-to-end logistics solution for our customers.

“The main reasons why Clementoni chose Girteka as a reliable and trusted partner was the company’s massive, owned fleet, which ensures a unified standard, as well as the ability to provide safe, secure, and timely deliveries. We at Clementoni appreciate the flexibility and support offered to us by Girteka and we see the partnership as an opportunity and an advantage for our business,” comments Mattia Montanari, Lean Logistic Operator at Clementoni.

We provide sustainable solutions

Girteka operates a modern and continuously updated fleet, consisting of the latest on the market trucks with technologies allowing to save up to 10% of CO2 emissions. The average age of our fleet is just 2,5 years, ensuring compliance with the latest industry environmental and safety regulations.

Every truck is 100% EURO 6 standard, and we also offer HVO100 and mass balancing options, as well as the possibility to take advantage of our developed intermodal transport solutions to facilitate our customers’ sustainability goals.

In addition, Girteka is currently exploring electric trucks’ capabilities and charging infrastructure development. The company has recently signed a deal with Scania for 600 battery-electric trucks to be delivered by 2026. For those clients who are prepared and already want to begin using e-trucks, we can deploy our dedicated electric vehicles as part of a joint program towards greener transport.

We work extensively across Europe

Our developed network across Europe allows us to deliver our clients’ production on a short notice (24-48 hours). Our trucks are registered in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and Norway, enabling us to operate both international and domestic deliveries.

We are experts in medium and long-haul deliveries, with expertise in cross-border logistics. Because of our experience, we are able to quickly adapt to regional driving conditions and customs procedures.

Our professional teams have built up expert knowledge on the customs, documentation and cabotage rules for each of the over 20 European countries we work in.

We blend traditional trucking with digital solutions

To ensure seamless deliveries, our staff use the latest technologies, powered by SAP Transport Management systems and enhanced by AI tools, to secure reliability and optimization of transport planning according to our customers’ requirements. By employing digital solutions in our day-to-day processes, we are able to optimize our truck and cargo matching, route planning, invoicing as well as order placement and KPI reporting.

The company’s trucks are also equipped with high-end telematics system known as the “Transics” Fleet Management System (FMS) and real-time visibility (RTV) solutions allowing remote monitoring and transparency of our services throughout the business chain.

We ensure safe transportation of your cargo

Girteka boasts a company-wide security KPI of 99,9% (as of 2019). Due to our 26 years of experience in the transportation industry, we offer a wide range of services that enhance the safety of your cargo, including TAPA Level 1 approved safety locks, secure parking options for drivers’ rest times, as well as GPS and geofencing solutions. Alongside proactive route risk assessments, our 24/7 SOS centre instantly detects any deviations on route.

We have expertise in carrying various types of goods

Girteka is one of the leading BOX/refrigerator carriers in Europe, specializing in cold-chain solutions: our trailers have cooling equipment that ranges from -25°C to 25°C; the trailers are calibrated annually to ensure correct transportation of temperature-sensitive products; temperature monitoring and online thermograph reports are also available. In addition, we have a dedicated GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliant fleet with trained staff for transporting pharmaceutical deliveries.

We understand that each industry has its own specifications and priorities, such as temperature monitoring for perishable goods, factory feeding for manufacturing plants, and security for high-value cargo, among others. Understanding our clients’ needs, networks and cargo seasonality ensures smooth collaboration and instantaneous problem resolution.

Through strategic partnerships with shippers, we can unlock long-term value creation. In this case, size really does not matter, only the result. So why should small and medium shippers wait any longer to work with us? The answer is in their hands.