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Thermo-Transit Enhances Drivers Welfare and Operational Efficiency with New Investment


Thermo-Transit, a leader in fresh food and seafood logistics in Scandinavia, have invested in new facilities to improve drivers’ working conditions. The newly constructed facility, designed to significantly improve drivers’ conditions, is situated in Padborg, Denmark, at the main terminal of the logistics company. This investment underscores the company’s commitment to providing a safe, comfortable, and compliant environment for its truck drivers.


Modern Facility for Drivers’ Comfort


The new facility spans 725 square meters and features an expansive 28,000 square meter parking area. With 36 double rooms, the facility can accommodate up to 72 drivers at peak times. Additionally, a refurbished section provides 15 more sleeping spaces.


“We are excited to open this facility, which represents our ongoing commitment to drivers’ well-being,” said Heinrich Nielsen, Transportation Manager. “Their comfort and safety are very important, and this investment reflects our dedication to creating a supportive environment for them,” he added.


Comprehensive Amenities and Services


The Padborg facility is equipped with modern amenities to ensure drivers have a comfortable stay. With double rooms, access to shared kitchens, laundry and lounges, high-speed internet and television, drivers can take a rest after trips as well as prepare themselves for upcoming journeys.


“Our goal is to provide a home-away-from-home experience for our drivers,” explained Nielsen. “By offering these comprehensive amenities, we enable them to rest, recharge, and maintain their personal hygiene during breaks. This way, we ensure that on their next trip, drivers are fully focused on delivering cargo on time and in the right conditions,” summarized the Transportation Manager at Thermo-Transit.


Strategic Location and Enhanced Security


Strategically located next to the Thermo-Transit terminal and office in Padborg, the facility offers easy access to and from major freeways, making it an ideal stop for drivers. Security measures include restricted key access and supervision by professional staff, ensuring a safe environment for all.


The new facility, which costed DKK 12 million (€1.6 million), complies with all relevant local and international regulations. It is primarily used for overnight stays and long breaks, allowing drivers to fully recharge before resuming their duties. Drivers have already responded positively to the new facility, appreciating the ability to cook, clean clothes, and relax in high-quality rest areas.


Addressing Driver Shortage and Supply Chain Stability


Investment in this new facility comes at a critical time when the logistics industry faces a significant driver shortage. By improving working conditions, Thermo-Transit aims to tackle the rising issue of less and less young people entering the profession of a truck driver.


Thermo-Transit, part of the Girteka Group, is a leading logistics company in Scandinavia providing temperature-controlled transportation services, focused on fresh food and seafood logistics.