Our Sense of Purpose - Girteka - Responsible Logistics

Over the years, Girteka has a clear aim to be the obvious first choice for our clients, colleagues, partners, the community, and our shareholders. Along with our commitment to being an example of a Responsible Logistics for the entire market and beyond, this desire, which has gradually evolved from our traditional Mission and Vision, defines our Sense of Purpose. 

Today, as we are on a path towards the complex digitalization of our business activities, this mindset has become the core of our commitment to every group of our stakeholders. Every day, we strive to provide the best experience possible and ensure the highest transportation service reliability for our customers, as we value long-lasting partnership with every one of the company’s clients. 

As it would not be possible without our colleagues, who are also passionate about making a meaningful impact together. This is reflected in our common goal of delivering on the commitments not only to our customers, but to the community, we are closely tied with. Along with our contribution to its well-being, we are also committed to highlight the importance of road safety and environmental impact as our business principles compel us to raise the awareness of the responsibility every one of us has towards both the society and our surroundings. 

It is also extremely important that Girteka’s cost-consciousness and profitable growth would be evident in our desire for a total transparency our shareholders can always benefit from. As do all our partners, in cooperation with whom mutual benefit and sustainable collaboration are among our top priorities. 

That is why, in our pursuit to adhere to such commitment, by constant implementing principles of responsibility into our business model, we are on a path of constant transformation which is about to benefit both us and our stakeholders even further.