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The urgent call for green logistics has gained momentum. Back in 2015, 195 countries adopted the Paris Agreement, committing to carbon neutrality by 2050. This agreement laid the foundation for several directives within the European Union (EU) that will soon change the way companies operate completely. The climate change commitment sets the stage for transformative change, and businesses in all industries hold a key role.
January 5th, 2023
The CSRD officially enters into force
What is being done now?

Effective since January 5th, 2023, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) mandates all large European businesses to publish sustainability reports under the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

For the first time ever, calculation and mitigation strategies for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cargo transportation will be included in the reporting. Compliance begins in the 2024 financial year for 2025 reports, extending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2026.

Integrated into the CSRD will be the EU Taxonomy Regulation, obliging companies to calculate and reduce their GHG emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. Science Based Targets (SBTi) will ensure emissions reduction strategies prioritize operational efficiency over carbon offsets.

Prepare non-financial statements(large public interest companies)
Prepare non-financial statements(large companies operating in the EU)
Prepare non-financial statements(small and medium-sized companies)
What will change?

Embracing eco-friendly transport allows businesses to curb emissions, strengthen resilience, and shape a sustainable future. At Girteka, a logistics leader in Europe since 1996, the commitment to decarbonization of the road freight transport industry has been at the core of our values and strategic ambitions.

Boasting Europe's largest owned fleet, we facilitate smooth deliveries of more than 776,000 full truck loads (FTLs) annually. Despite the large scale of our operations, Girteka’s efforts to reduce our environmental impact have already yielded remarkable results: we curbed our CO2 emissions by over 24,5% for every kilometer traveled between 2016 and 2022.

Girteka is dedicated to continuous CO2 emissions reduction through innovation and sustainable transport solutions. Our goal is to lead the industry toward a greener future while expanding responsibly. By applying an eco-friendly approach for every load we deliver, we strive to provide customized, sustainable solutions that enable our clients to achieve their own environmental targets and adapt to the changing business landscape.

Electric Mobility Is Here to Stay
Prepare for the network of tomorrow, today
Ensure Environmental Responsibility

Demonstrate to consumers your commitment to environmental responsibility

Actively contribute to a greener planet for future generations

Stay Compliant With Regulations

Future-proof your business by ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

Avoid potential fines, penalties and damage to your brand's reputation

Be One Step Ahead of Competitors

Join a pool of forward- thinking companies & benefit from new business opportunities

Adapt to new technologies and practices before everyone else does

Secure Social Responsibility

Contribute to noise reduction, improved air quality and a healthier environment

Improve working conditions for drivers - no exhaust fumes, less noise and vibration, faster acceleration

Save on Costs

Take advantage of subsidies or tax breaks, as well as discounts on road tolls, gain access to green zones

Secure substantial long- term savings with lower energy and maintenance costs

Route Selection & Optimization
Electric trucks can cover both short and medium range routes, which makes them ideal for domestic, urban and regional transportation. We will determine the most optimal route through route simulation.
Revenues & Incentives
By working closely with the client, our expert team will assist you in navigating the various subsidy schemes for electric trucks available across different countries in Europe for your maximum benefit.
Driver Training
Girteka provides professional, dedicated drivers, specifically trained at our in-house Drivers’ Academy to perform safe and reliable deliveries utilizing electric trucks.
Complete Vehicles
You will be provided with both the electric truck and the semi-trailer, choosing the most optimal trailer type, according to your needs and specifications.
Repair & Maintenance
Girteka fully covers the repair and maintenance services of electric trucks, maintaining close relationship with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure maximum performance and availability.
Law & Regulations
Girteka ensures full compliance with all necessary laws and regulations regarding the safe and reliable transportation of cargo utilizing electric trucks - from documentation to safe loading and unloading procedures.
Customer Demands
At Girteka, an individual approach is applied to every client on a project basis. Our dedicated team of experts will assess your unique requirements and ensure that your transportation needs are met in the most effective way.
Charging & Energy Supply
Our experts will assess the route together with the client, factoring in operating ranges and required flexibility to determine energy supply and charging strategies, as well as necessary equipment according to available infrastructure.
Truck Branding
Electric trucks are an excellent way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and innovation to the public. You can take advantage of the ideal marketing opportunity by branding your electric truck.
Gain Access to a Holistic Approach to Electric Trucking
Ensuring your seamless transition to electric trucks
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We Manage the
Your vision, our expertise
Gain Access to a Holistic Approach to Electric Trucking
Ensuring your seamless transition to electric trucks
Consultation on Sustainable Solutions
Take advantage of our sustainable transport options, including intermodal rail services, to further minimize your carbon footprint
Transparent CO2 Calculations
We offer clear CO2 calculations, based on the source of electric energy used, to track the progress towards your sustainability goals
Sustainable Semi-Trailers
Our innovative approach includes electric cooling units and e-axles for traditional semi-trailers, which we can arrange per request of the client.
Maximizing Subsidies
We are well-versed in governmental subsidy processes and will help you make the most of the available incentives
What's Next?
Kickstarting your electric truck journey
By performing a thorough evaluation of your business case, our experts will:
Calculate the optimal range
Conduct a comprehensive route simulation
Identify your energy requirements and charging alternatives
After completing the analysis, we will provide our expert recommendations and furnish a tailored proposal for your consideration.
Get a tailored solution
Get a Free Electric Truck Delivery Simulation
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