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Girteka Logistics is a strong experienced leader in dealing with excise goods, both for FTL road transport and with value adding services in our warehouses.

European directives stipulate that excise goods, which are subject to temporary deferment of duty, may only be shipped by an authorized excise goods warehouse. From there, the goods can be shipped to other warehouses and to other registered traders in other member states or sent beyond the EU.

Customers from European countries as well as Russia and other CIS member states can store alcoholic beverages shipped from Europe and third countries in our logistics center without having to pay excise duty.

Keeping goods in an excise warehouse makes sense for both wholesalers and importers from the Europe, Russia, and other CIS member states. This facility is often frequently used when a customer plans to ship goods from one European member state to another or when the goods are going to be exported outside the EU.

  • We are getting close to ten years of industry experience handling complicated excised goods business.
  • We have our own customs warehouses in Vilnius and Olaine with customs officers on hand 24/7/365.
  • Girteka Logistics can provide faster services because part of its fleet has Russian registration.
  • Our modern warehouses offers customs services as well as document clearance.
  • As an example of our value added services then we do quality inspections of individual bottles of wine, ensure correct labeling and re-packaging.
customs carrier status Customs carrier status
russian registration Part of fleet – Russian registration
marine logistics Marine logistics services
box packing Gluing excise labels, repacking, gift packing
cargo monitoring 24/7 cargo monitoring: during transportation & in warehouses
warehouses Customs & excised warehouses


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