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Girteka connects Europe and Asia with new road freight services


Last year’s Evergreen containership grounding revealed issues with global marine transport and its vulnerability to specific, unpredictable situations. As the European Union is based on cooperation and reliant on supplies from Asian countries including China, is there an alternative to ship freight? Upon first impression, it might sound absurd, yet road transportation from China to Europe has become more and more popular.


The past three years showed clearly how crucial and sensitive global supply chains are, and how they can be disrupted by simple, distinct situations. Hence, securing reliable supply chains and transportation needs an understanding of solutions and services diversification. And when talking about global routes and paths of supply chains from Asia to Europe we have several different alternatives to examine. From marine transport, and air freight, up to road transportation, which is getting more popular.


Diversification of transports


Due to the shortage of semi-products or resources, many manufacturers were closely looking into their supply chains and their management in case of any emergency. As disrupted supply chains are causing turbulence in production planning, distribution, or just business efficiency, and more managers looked into their supply chains for diversification possibilities.


However, as many supply chains are still connecting Asia and Europe, with resources, semi-products, or final parts, being covered mainly by ship freight, an increasing number of large automotive manufacturers began to use road transportation between the two continents. With support from digital solutions and flexible and reliable road transportation partners, many producers and importers can now have alternative options in planning logistics, including high quality road freight.


“We have already seen that kind of trend, where many companies diversify their logistics services not only into few providers but also through different types of logistics services. Our Clients are backed by almost 10.000 trucks fleet, most of which are refrigerated. We can deliver on our customers’ promises shipping literally anything from anywhere in Europe. What is important we can offer the required quality that best suits our clients’ interests. Some prefer 99%+ loading/unloading KPI, for some 90%+ is enough. We can do to make fulfill the Client’s needs. With Net Promoter Score above 38, we can offer flexible solutions, that come from the size of our fleet and the digitalization of our operations,” says Mindaugas Aleška, COO Girteka Europe West.


Flexible destinations and digital support


With the latest service from Girteka, the largest asset-based logistics company in Europe, businesses can now plan logistics by land from China to the whole of Europe. Starting from the largest cities in China, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao, up to the China’s mainland, goods can be delivered to every city in the European Union.


As large automotive manufacturers already use this service to ship parts and semi-products to their facilities in The Czech Republic and Germany, a 24-26 day trip compared to shipping via sea is not only faster but can be more flexible in terms of destination and capacity.


With full digital support, including real-time visibility available outside of China, customers can follow their cargo and plan their operations. With information on estimated time of arrival, cargo movement and its conditions, security of cargo is fully assured, providing solutions for such industries as chemicals, raw materials, electronics, automotive & parts, fashion and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or even food, thanks to refrigerator trailers.


Girteka’s trucks are equipped with the most suitable digital solutions such as the “Transics” Fleet Management System (FMS). The innovative system is coupled with tablets that are found in the trucks, facilitating a real-time exchange of data from the perspective of the driver, the manager, and the customer. Moreover, the planning of transport can be rearranged and moved even easier thanks to SAP Transport Management systems.


With digital solutions, based on artificial intelligence (AI), real-time visibility (RTV), machine learning technologies, focus on user interface, self-service and performance, the transport can be intelligently managed and analyzed through data in real-time, including transportation fleet, warehouse management, logistics operations and customer service. Among the analyzed data, the most effective fuel usage is determined, allowing the company to reduce its emissions as well as letting customers check their carbon footprint.


Transportation services to and from China open new possibilities for customers and businesses in Europe. And with support from Girteka, the logistics of it all can be easy, reliable, and stable, securing not only the continuous flow of goods but also increasing the efficiency of supply chain management as well as sustainability information.