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Girteka expands its offices in Kaunas


After opening Girteka Park in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Girteka Business Service in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2022, Girteka Group decided to expand their presence in the second biggest Lithuanian city. From January 2023 a new office of Girteka Group will be opened in Kaunas, showcasing the company’s continuous growth and development both internationally and domestically.

More flexible options to work in Lithuania


The new office in Kaunas is located in the Magnum Business Center (Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 38), next to the Žalgirio Arena and Akropolis shopping center. Girteka will be located on the third floor and the office, spanning 180 m2, will have 23 workplaces, two meeting rooms, a small kitchen, and a lounge zone.


“As Girteka continues to expand, becoming a more and more international company, we now have employees working in different locations. By introducing the office in Kaunas, following the openings of Girteka Park,the Georgian business service, and the transport base near Poznań, Poland, we are giving our employees the opportunity to work from various places of their choice,” says Justinas Stalnionis, Head of Workplace Experience & Facility Operations Group Girteka.


Today 40 employees live in Kaunas working remotely or travel to work in Vilnius. With the new office, they will be able to have the option to work in Kaunas, Vilnius, or remotely to continue providing quality services to our customers.


Infrastructure to support employee efficiency


Today’s work environment is based on digital solutions and tools. This setup supports the remote and hybrid types of work and also increases the efficiency of cooperation between colleagues in different locations.


With the new office in Kaunas, equipped with the latest digital solutions, Girteka’s employees will be able to maintain the highest level of service quality as well as smooth and undisrupted collaboration with customers, partners, or other colleagues.

“In  Kaunas office we implemented hot desk solutions for all remotely working colleagues. With smart digital reservation solution they will be able to plan ahead their place of work,” explains Justinas Stalnionis.


International environment


For Girteka, people from various countries and diverse cultural backgrounds are a strength and an opportunity for organizational development and growth. Diverse experiences facilitate the generation of different views and new ideas. The company prides itself in having young (the average age of employees is 32 yr. old) and driven people in its support positions. In fact, 49% of those positions are held  by women, so the workforce is well-balanced in terms of gender.


Today Girteka employs over 23,000 people, with over 3,300 working in administration support roles. Currently, we have 20 different nationalities working at Girteka, including France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Ukraine, to name a few. The business language is English, one can also hear people speaking Polish, Italian, Danish, Russian, Lithuanian, etc. across the office’s spaces, creating a truly multicultural environment and proving that logistics has no borders.


On the hunt for new talents


The new office in Kaunas will not only be a benefit for our current colleagues, but also a good way to attract new talents there. Growing and developing our talented employees as our organization grows is one of the key focus areas in the company’s strategy


„Girteka is on its way to becoming one of the TOP 10 logistics companies in Europe. The goal itself is demanding and requires a huge effort from all of us. Therefore, we need employees engaged in our company’s purpose as well as their work. And we are striving for it across the organization – from drivers to the team leaders in the administration,” says Lesley Tull, Head of Talent Management and Organization Development, Girteka Group.


Continuous growth and expansion both internationally and domestically, as with the new Kaunas office, falls right into place with the company‘s ambitious goals. For instance, with the opening of the Girteka Business Services in Tbilisi, the company plans to create over 300 jobs over the next two years and to expand its operations in the country to recruit more talent to satisfy Girteka‘s growth needs and strengthen its position in the logistics market.


According to the leading job search app MeetFrank, Girteka ranks in the top 20 employers of the year in Lithuania in 2022. The company’s popularity was measured by the number of positive matches with candidates on the app, indicating that Girteka is an attractive place of work for many talents out there looking for new work opportunities.


As mentioned previously, Girteka’s young talent pool distinguishes us from other companies as most people here are on a career development journey. With the maturity, willingness, flexibility of the people who work here, their bright ideas, valuable experiences and eagerness to learn and develop, Girteka can step confidently on the way to the winning goal of becoming one of the TOP 10 logistics companies in Europe.