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How Girteka’s Tbilisi office is shaping the future of global logistics


Have you ever considered working in an international company, without having to leave Tbilisi? Recent trends of transformation of companies give a completely new perspective on how, where, and with whom we can work. One of the examples is the newly established Girteka Business Service in the heart of Tbilisi’s bustling business district. What are the real possibilities and opportunities of becoming a member of an international logistics company? We asked several employees about the benefits and career possibilities they have experienced working for Girteka in Tbilisi.


Established in 2022, the business centre, home to Girteka Business Services (GBS) is part of Girteka Group, the largest asset-based logistics company in Europe, executing more than 776,000 full truckloads annually. Over the years, Girteka has become one of the key players in the refrigerated/box road transportation market in Europe. Managing more than 9,200 trucks delivering goods across the continent every day, Girteka ensures that the supply chains of its clients remain undisrupted and  that their products that we buy and use on a daily basis are delivered safely, sustainably, and on time.


A Key Advancement in Girteka Group


One of the key advancements of Girteka Group is an ongoing process of digital transformation. To implement the modernization at Girteka, in 2020, a program called “ENABLE” was launched comprising a team of more than 200 IT specialists. The goal of the modernization program is to help the company optimize, enhance, and digitalize business processes by implementing and moving to the SAP suite of products, including S/4 Hana, SuccessFactors, and Business Technology Platform by 2026. Although the projects were all started in different business units at different times, GBS plays a key role in the advancement of the program, thanks to the IT experts and SAP specialists working there.


“The most exciting aspect of digital projects is the potential for innovation and transformation, as well as the opportunity to create new and better experiences for clients and stakeholders. Digital projects often involve cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things, which can enable organizations to improve their operations, reduce costs, and develop new business models,” says Shalva Surguladze, the first GBS employee, responsible for developing and maintaining SAP applications using ABAP programming language.


Shalva finds this area an exciting opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. “Working on global projects allows me to get to know a variety of cultures, find career growth opportunities, improve problem-solving and enhanced collaboration skills. Many people of different professions work in GBS – such an environment enables information and expertise sharing, which is very useful if you consider climbing the career ladder or switching to a different role in the future,” he summarizes.


Fostering skill development in a global environment


Another colleague working at GBS, Nino Kurashvili, says: „Girteka is the best setting for me to develop my skills since we work in an international environment.” Today Girteka Group is comprised of more than 23,000 colleagues of more than 20 nationalities, mainly working in Georgia, Poland, and Lithuania, where the Group’s business entities are located. “From a personal perspective, digital projects provide exciting opportunities to extend my knowledge and skill set. For example, learning to work with a new software or tool can help me become more versatile. Additionally, as digital technology continues to evolve, I will be able to continuously grow in this area,” she concludes.


To support its employees’ development, Girteka has implemented several tools and initiatives, prioritizing learning. Learning that is accessible to all colleagues in various forms and languages through such tools as:

  • E-learning
  • Internal know-how base
  • Mentorship program
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership Library
  • Language courses


“To become successful and achieve your professional goals both engagement and willingness from the employee as well as support from the organization are needed. With that kind of setup, the benefits will always be mutual,” says Nika Kalatozi, Security Architect at Girteka. “Engaging in international projects allows us to connect with people worldwide, gain insights into diverse cultures, and enhance our communication skills. GBS offers a supportive work environment, numerous team-building activities, and opportunities to socialize outside of the office,” he adds.


Becoming part of Girteka’s transformation journey


Although Girteka’s journey to digitalization has been continuing for a while, there is still plenty of room for the company and its employees to create, upgrade, and innovate. “As a Security Architect, I am enthusiastic about utilizing technology to facilitate ongoing enhancements and optimize processes and their security. Digital initiatives can help in reducing waste and boost efficiency while also offering valuable data and insights. My primary objective is to protect the organization’s digital resources, guaranteeing the preservation and confidentiality of its information,” explains Nika.


Becoming a part of the digital transformation journey in Girteka and start working in an international environment, you can make an impact on the company’s business success and direction. “Each employee can influence a project’s success, as their contributions and actions can impact the quality of the deliverables, adherence to the timeline and budget, and the overall outcome of the project,” Shalva comments. And all of that can be done in the heart of Georgia, Tbilisi. More information can be found at


Girteka Group was established in 1996 in Lithuania and today it is the largest European asset-based road freight transportation company, delivering more than 776,000 full truck loads (FTLs) every year, with more than 9,200 fully owned trucks and 9,800 trailers. The Group has offices in many European countries, with headquarters in Vilnius. You can read more about the Group at