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Girteka Logistics understand the automotive industry, this is why we for more than 10 years have been trusted by the biggest industry operators in Europe and Russia and why we continue to deliver not only in Europe but as well on the key European – CIS routes.

We understand the need for on time deliveries to avoid supply chain delays for our clients. We have logistics teams with dedicated drivers cater to the automotive industry, where our extensive route network constantly develops to include more countries and cities.

We most often use new mega tilt trailers offering a height of 3m internally, that as well offer high security including special locks and GPS monitoring.

With more than 10 years of automotive industry experience we work with OEM, AS, lubricants, tires and more.

customs carrier status Customs carrier status
two drivers logistics 2 drivers on board
control tower 24/7 control tower
anti slip mat Anti-slip mats
russian registration Part of fleet Russian registration
on belt deliveries Experience with deliveries “on belt”
edge protectors Edge protectors
mega tautliner Mega tautliners with 3m internal height
adr cargo deliveries Certificates for ADR cargoes


    FTL per year:

    Trailer type:

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