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Why Choose Girteka Logistics?


Girteka Logistics is now Europe’s leading asset-based transport company, established in 1996, delivering 800 000 FTLs in 2020 with 15,000 drivers. Our 25-year experience drives our operational excellence, ensuring our reliability as a Full Truck Load (FTL) logistics partner across Europe.

1. We work directly with you

Our experienced team communicates and plans operations directly with you, without intermediaries or freight forwarders, ensuring your cargo moves from manufacturers to consumers as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Dedicated account managers offer instant support, ensuring that your cargo keeps moving uninterrupted. This provides you with greater command and predictability of your supply chain, and a more reliable quality-control for your cargo transportation.

2. We own all the Girteka Logistics trucks and trailers

Here at Girteka Logistics we offer peace of mind, with 8 000 trucks and nearly 8 700 trailers – single and double decks. Owning our fleet means we are in total control of our capacity, ready to transport your cargo during peak and off-peak periods.

Girteka Logistics offers tailored fleet solutions, providing clients with trucks dedicated for their use. Additionally, we can offer stand-by trailers to provide our clients with more flexibility.

We are flexible and open to discuss new projects that create mutual value. Previous projects have involved working with alternative fuels or fulfilling a specific or unique requirement.

3. A fleet made up of the latest trucks

Our truck’s average age is 2,5 years, ensuring the compliance with the latest industry environmental and safety regulations. 

Every European truck is EURO 6 standard, and we are continually observing innovations in truck production towards even greater sustainability.

Managing our fleet, we equip it with the industry-leading technology, including a high-end telematics system, with a tablet in every truck connected to the driver’s smartphone and operations centre, allowing remote monitoring and real-time visibility.

4. Working extensively across Europe, taking your load where it needs to go

Here at Girteka Logistics we consistently strive to serve our clients best interests, across 30+ countries between Europe, Scandinavia and Russia/CIS countries.

Our dedicated team uses the latest technology and have built up expert knowledge on the customs, documentation and cabotage rules for each country we work in, ensuring a seamless delivery.

Our fleet is registered across Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Russia and Norway, for effective international and domestic cargo transportation.

Additionally, we offer integrated services to support our logistics operations, including customs & excise 3PL warehousing, dedicated fleet, customs clearance and freight forwarding for marine freight to and from Europe.

5. Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy

Road safety is at the heart of Girteka Logistics, and with 15,000 truck drivers on the road, we try at every possible opportunity to be the best in the industry for our drivers and for the well-being of the community.

The Drivers Academy supports every one of our drivers in their professional development with more than 54,000 trainings completed in 2020.

Every driver completes 33 compulsory courses on eco-driving, safety in winter conditions, and regulations in the logistics industry. Additional industry- and region-specific courses are available for further expertise.

The goal is to educate our truck drivers on road-safety, fuel economy and compliance with industry regulations.

6. We are the Digital Trucking Company

Girteka Logistics aims to lead the industry by blending traditional trucking with modern technology. Our aim is to become the most technologically and digitally advanced, asset based FTL road transportation company in the world by 2025.

Automating day-to-day processes, enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, is allowing us optimize truck and cargo matching, route planning, invoicing, warehouse management, as well as order placement and KPI reporting.

Increasing operational accuracy and continuing improvements on providing real-time visibility, we heighten the quality and transparency of our services.

7. Security protocols and theft prevention

Girteka Logistics long experience in logistics means we offer a wide range of services that enhance the safety and security of your cargo.

Our clients are also able to login to Girteka’s GPS surveillance system and monitor shipments 24/7, with remotely monitored thermograph reports and cargo safety assured with TAPA-approved locks.

Alongside proactive route risk assessments, parking in pre-approved places and geofencing, our 24/7 SOS centre instantly detects any deviations on-route.

8. Investment in green transport solutions – alternative fuel & intermodal transportation

Girteka Logistics continues to expand the role of intermodal solutions – both by rail and sea according to our clients’ needs.

Intermodal transportation is the gateway to climate-neutral logistics, it reduces CO2 emissions by taking trucks off the road.

Alongside ensuring our fleet complies with the latest environmental standards, we are increasing the use of alternative fuels, with a particular focus on HVO fuel, sourced from renewable materials, including plant-based fuel without palm oil, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 85%. Sustainability policy.

9. Industry expertise

Girteka Logistics ensures that any cargo is transported based on your particular needs.

We understand that each industry has its own specifications and priorities – temperature monitoring for perishable goods, factory feeding for manufacturing plants, and security for high value goods.

To uphold the quality of our services, we proudly hold industry-level certifications, including GDP, SQAS and ISO 9001.

10. A dedicated account team of experts

At Girteka Logistics we are unique because we handle the complete logistics process – our dedicated account teams are here to oversee every step.

Understanding our clients’ specifications, networks and cargo seasonality ensures smooth collaboration and instantaneous problem resolution. Through strategic partnerships, we can unlock long-term value creation.