Girteka Fleet transforms its brand, presenting a new name and visual identity - Girteka - Responsible Logistics

Girteka Fleet transforms its brand, presenting a new name and visual identity


Girteka Fleet is transforming its brand and henceforth will be known as TNDM Trucking, as the new name and visual identity will better reflect the value proposition of the unique dedicated trucking business model.

The name “TNDM Trucking” expresses the brand promise, of working in tandem with its clients to accelerate their growth, enabling them to focus on their business, while the road freight transporter continues to provide stable capacity of trucks and trailers.

Meanwhile, the new logo of the dedicated trucking company also puts focus on working in tandem, as the letters T and N are connected together with a navigational mark driving on the symbolic road, representing a single direction and a single goal that both TNDM Trucking, and its clients are heading towards.

“The pandemic and events that have followed have changed the road freight transport sector like nothing we have seen before. There is no doubt that we had to work in tandem to weather the storm,” commented Sigitas Meilūnas, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at TNDM Trucking. “We knew that focusing more on our clients’ experience was going to be our number one priority going forward, which was only reaffirmed by our dialogues with our clients,” continued Meilūnas.

Another trait that can be identified with the new logo is the change in positioning throughout the Girteka Group, namely becoming a Responsible Logistics company.

“As we looked at the foundations of TNDM Trucking, we realized that we are responsible to our five stakeholders, including our clients, colleagues, community, shareholders, and partners, to be more cost-conscious, make a meaningful impact together, continue delivering profitable growth, and ensure sustainable collaborations and mutual benefit so that we continue being the obvious first choice for all of our stakeholders,” indicated the COO.

Still, as the executive pointed out, the company will remain an independent entity within the Girteka Group, allowing TNDM Trucking to continue focusing on its own clients’ experience, while still channeling the group’s expertise.

“At the end of the day, our ambition is to provide the best trucking experience to our customers with timely updates, a single point of contact, proactive updates, and problem-solving 24/7,” concluded Meilūnas.

Meanwhile, Simonas Bartkus, the Head of Marketing and Communications at Girteka Group added that the group is happy to introduce a new brand into Girteka family portfolio.

“With TNDM Trucking’s unique value proposition, which represents dedication and maximum synergy while working as an external trucking team, and the values shared with Girteka Group, the future of the dedicated transport company is bright,” noted Bartkus.

TNDM Trucking is a company that was established in 2016, growing stably over the course of its history with the most modern trucks and trailers that are on the market, with over 700 dedicated trucks in its fleet.

The dedicated road freight company provides round-trip transport services for shippers and expeditors, allowing its customers to rent either a truck and a driver, a truck, driver, and trailer, with the option to brand the trailers and trucks to continue representing their company on the road.

With focus on sustainability, continuous driver training, and improving operational procedures, TNDM Trucking will provide the foundation to grow its clients’ business and focus on long-term success.