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Girteka Suppliers’ Day – facing challenges and opportunities together


Close cooperation with suppliers is crucial to achieve ambitious goals in terms of growth, sustainability, or digitalization. Recently, Girteka and its suppliers joined a seminar where the discussion centred around the future of logistics and its growth, including plans and goals for becoming a more responsible and decarbonized logistics sector.

Suppliers’ Day is an opportunity to share experience, knowledge as well as plans for future growth in the area of logistics services both for customers and carriers as well. During the almost four hours of discussion and presentations, participants had an opportunity to get to know the ambitious future plans of Girteka, and how ongoing digital projects will influence cooperation.

“In the past, we used to do simple transactions. We ask and somebody sells, and we finish at that. Now we face certain challenges. We look at the cooperation as we need to create added value. So, we think the added value is some kind of services project which would increase our ability to compete in the market as a carrier. With the newest SAP integration into the procurement process, we can concentrate more on what is important in cooperation and focus on long-lasting partnerships,” said Tomas Silinikas, Head of Procurement at Girteka.

Turning challenges into opportunities

“Two topics are becoming more important. One of them is the sustainability journey, where we look at decarbonizing transport. How can we invest into making our assets and our transport less CO2 intensive and the second topic is becoming more efficient and that probably goes through digitalization and having an even more important business model,” said Bernhard Termühlen, Managing Director of TT Line.

To become a net-zero emission sector we will need combined efforts from all industries, including such companies as Shell. Monika Przybysz, CEE Sales Manager Commercial Road Transport, expressed how we will be able to turn challenges into opportunities in the short and long term with all possible solutions starting from biofuel, bio-LNG, EV, and finishing with hydrogen capabilities.

“So, for me, this is one of the biggest advantages that we can support each other on a big scale, and at the same time, we can be testing new developments, and new technologies and work on efficiency, so that future solutions are effective and proper ones for the whole industry,”  said Monika Przybysz.

As we all move forwards on a path toward fully digitalized logistics, close partnerships with telecommunications providers through business synergies and IT solutions can create long-term value.

“As everything is now connected and the need for connectivity and the speed behind it is getting more and more requested from customers, this part is crucial, not only for the transport sector but overall for the market,” explains Aivaras Janusauskas, Head of Commerce at Telia.

Drawing inspiration for the future

Those kinds of meetings are not only opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge but also opportunities to meet representatives of different industries in one place and discuss the future of the sector in face of inflation and energy crisis.

“What first comes to my mind is it is inspirational. We come and we meet professional people, we meet the very young staff, and we exchange very in-depth knowledge with the staff, so it does not stay on the surface. And I have to say it is one of a kind, unique relationship we have with Girteka. You can not find it anywhere else,” expressed Ondrej Pavlik, Director of Sales Europe East, DKV Mobility.

With an unpredictable year ahead of us, any opportunities to work together between suppliers, carriers, and customers is crucial in order to face the possible uncertainty and fluctuations in the market.