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How Girteka partners with Clementoni to deliver holiday cheer


With Christmas holidays approaching, the last two months of the year are, naturally, a peak season for a business such as Clementoni, which owns six product lines and specializes in educational toys, board games, and puzzles – the perfect Christmas present material. Girteka, a leading full truck load (FTL) transport provider in Europe, partnered with the Italian toy maker Clementoni in spring 2022, a cooperation which continues to flourish as the company brings cheer to children and grownups alike all over the world.

Currently, Girteka transports around 30-40 deliveries per week for the toy company to Western and Central Europe. “We have been establishing relationship with Clementoni for quite a while, the customer is satisfied with the services we are providing overall, and they expressed the desire from next year to expand the cooperation to new lanes,” says Stefano Morlini, Business Developer at Girteka Europe West, regarding the future of the company’s partnership with the client.

The several main points that are very important for Clementoni in choosing Girteka as a reliable transport provider. First, is performance and a high market KPI standards. Girteka’s impressive fleet of 9,000 trucks and 9,800 trailers presents a huge advantage for Clementoni, as it translates to available capacity and flexibility, especially when it comes to the loading schedule or any possible disruptions on the road.

For instance, whenever there is a peak season at hand, despite the challenges that such intense periods can bring, Girteka can provide customer tailored solutions at the right time by offering the most optimal trailer selection, ensuring security of cargo, and even providing standby trailers according to demand. Moreover, with FTL deliveries, which Girteka specializes in, the risk of delays is reduced, as a truck is filled with a single customer’s cargo.

“The main reasons why Clementoni chose Girteka as a reliable and trusted partner was the company’s massive, owned fleet, which ensures a unified standard, as well as the ability to provide safe, secure, and timely deliveries. We at Clementoni appreciate the flexibility and support offered to us by Girteka and we see the partnership as an opportunity and an advantage for our business,” comments Mattia Montanari, Lean Logistic Operator at Clementoni.

“What Clementoni was also very much interested in when partnering up with Girteka was the project44 data processing platform provided by the company,” adds Morlini. This solution offers customers two options for shipment status monitoring: either through direct visibility link – a unique link shared digitally presenting information about a particular load; or the visibility dashboard – a self-service portal where customers can find past and current shipments.

With the project44 platform utilized by Girteka, Clementoni gains real time visibility (RTV) of their shipments, allowing the team to have a more proactive approach and be able to check shipment location, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and other parameters at any time during the delivery, ensuring smoothness in operations, enhanced customer experience, business efficiency and a competitive advantage. With this in mind, Girteka is happy to collaborate with Clementoni this holiday season, delivering Christmas gifts to the toymaker’s customers all over Western and Central Europe.