Our modern fleet ships goods between many western European countries – from Germany, the Czech Republic, Holland, and Belgium to Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France and back again. In addition, we transport freight to and from the Nordic countries, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. Also starting 2014, Girteka Logistics added new lanes to Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and many more.

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Thanks to our co-operation with the largest international manufacturers in Poland and Lithuania and the diverse range of routes we serve from east to west and back again, we create added value for our customers by offering them competitive rates and a service that is second-to-none. Girteka vehicles clock up 300,000 km every day.

Our highly-qualified managers can communicate effectively in many European languages to help customers resolve any issues that arise and promptly offer the most efficient solutions

We can provide a total solution, shipping freight from the customer’s factory in every direction by taut liner and temperature-controlled semi-trailers

We have long-term agreements with major European manufacturers and are able to offer competitive rates for the transportation of freight across Europe

Trucks meeting Euro 5 and 6 emissions standards that have not been in service longer than four years

We offer freight safety guarantees, have long experience of handling high-value freight and put in place high safety requirements.