Warehouses in Vilnius

2 logistic centers in Kuprioniškės, Minskas highway

BSP Logistics Center

High quality warehousing and office complex, covering the storage facilities with all temperature regimes and an autonomous office building.

The logistical centre of 18 thousand m² in the eastern part of Vilnius is adapted for all types of temperature cargo storage, as well as dry storage and office activities.Warehouses have high economic efficiency – the large storage height allows most efficient use of the entire area, while each chamber has its own temperature and humidity control mode.The 3-storey office building is adapted for comfortable and efficient work with designed open work spaces, as well as individual offices.

More: http://www.sirin.eu/42-logistikos-centras-vilniuje.html

GLP Logistics Center

The modern complex of warehouses and offices is built in accordance with the best international practice, with a particular focus on functionality, quality, efficiency and rational design solutions.

The new complex with 21 thousand sq. m with its technical features and architectural solutions meets the highest class A requirements for logistics centres and offices.The convenient location of the logistics centre allows to deliver effective service of the customers of the city of Vilnius and the surrounding areas.

More: http://www.sirin.eu/1381-glp-logistikos-centras-vilniuje.html

Logistic center in Vievis

Modern logistics centre in Vievis at the main highway Vilnius-Kaunas- Klaipėda.

Vievis logistics centre has class A warehouses for storage of consumer products with auxiliary, administrative facilities and the latest equipment of a modern cargo terminal complex. Designed with spacious cargo and car parking spaces. Reinforced road cover in the parking. The general area of the logistic centre is well arranged, surrounded by a 2 meter high mesh fence, guarded around the clock – the video surveillance system and the access control system is being designed. Warehouse loading ramps have heated automated lift gates, rubber sealing curtains and special adjustable height loading bridges with sealing sleeves, located in a separate bungalow which can be moved to the collection areas.In total, there are 20 special ramps. Air circulation in the premises complies with the applicable hygiene standards. Warehouses and other facilities are heated with gas, using direct heating boilers.

More: http://www.sirin.eu/56-vievio-logistikos-centras.html